Secure VoIP

Logic offer an entire communications infrastructure with an award-winning cloud communications system built for business, whether you have multiple sites or are a single individual user. Improve your image, work more efficiently and increase your customer satisfaction with a reliable digital phone system for your office.

After 2025, traditional phone lines will become obsolete. If your business relies on a landline phone then you will need to make the switch to VoIP. Don't leave it too late - get in touch today.

Features & Benefits

  • Pay as you go with no upper limit and save by avoiding costly monthly phone bills
  • Take and make calls, and manage your call handling preferences from any location, i.e. home or remote office
  • IntuitiveĀ dashboard, call centre ACD (automatic call distributor), call reporting and CRM (customer relationship management) connect
  • Complete privacy, scalable and secure
  • Reduce cost by utilising mobile access from your office telephone handset
  • Keep existing landline numbers
  • Logic helpdesk and support team with full manufacturer's warranty
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